MORE than attire, a community for the female auto enthusiast.

The mission of the Hot Garage goes beyond fun flattering auto themed clothing for women. 

Our goal for the female auto-sport enthusiast, a sense of belonging and community.

In my capacity as Vice President of Kelly Moss Road & Race, an industry powerhouse in Motorsports, I spend a lot of time at the track.  Additionally, my husband, Andy Kilcoyne, has earned a great deal of recognition for his amazing Porsche designs brought to life by the KMR artists and technicians.  My life takes me to events such as Amelia Island, Rennsport, Luftgekuhlt, SEMA, and a  plethora of amazing car shows, rallies, and races.

To say I'm immersed  in automotive culture is a fact.  I love beautiful cars and find the environment exciting and fascinating. 

I meet many amazing women at these events, participating and supporting the industry.  I also see a noticeable gap between the numerous clothing options for men to express their passion and what is available for women.  I want to change this.

My own experience inspired my desire to help facilitate and enhance a sense of community for all female auto enthusiasts.  While still a male dominated sport, women support, energize, and participate in car culture - many with equal passion, some with equal skill, most as fans or partners.  I also speak with women who tolerate but don't enjoy the environment. 

If we don't feel comfortable, we can't enjoy the possibilities.  THG is a welcoming, empowering, unifying community - a communication hub for women in the auto world.  We want to explore the realm of beautiful cars with you; from a female point of view.

Our remedy - the community aspect of the Hot Garage - is to provide insight and information on what to expect  at the track or event, advice from professionals, how to cope with nerves or fear related to the dangers inherent in the sport.  Also, what to wear and bring, where to stay, best places to eat, area attractions and more.

We support you while you support those you love - family,  friends, the team, other women, and ourselves. Our desire is to be your partner in making the most of your experience in whatever role you play.  We want to be your connection, your community, your tribe.

  - Original track apparel with a feminine flair.

  - A resource and support team with helpful inside information.

  - A sense of community and sisterhood.

  - Join us at THG Facebook Group and Blog.


In addition to the stated mission, this business means something more personal to me.  It provides the opportunity to involve my two teenage daughters in the educational experience of a hands-on dive into business. They participate in every aspect from product selection and design to budgeting, marketing, and modelling.  Down the road, I hope our two younger girls will also want to participate. 

The newest  member of THG team is Ellie, who happens to be my mother.  She brings experience as a writer and associate editor of a national publication and as a feminist activist during the 70s and 80s with NOW.  Plus mom support - what could be better? 

We are a family who loves cars.  Our goal at THG is to support women; self expression infused with an automotive flair and a sense of belonging.  Lets own it, wear it, show it, share it.


See you all at the track!!


 ~ Victoria, Nevaeh , SieSie & Ellie

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