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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

THG offers more than great clothing options and fun accessories for track and car shows. We also provide ideas and support for women - to help us maximize our enjoyment of the auto sport experience.

our postings will:

-focus on the female perspective.

-explore ways to enhance our knowledge and comfort level at car events, including video chats, interviews and "on site" reporting from events.

-Present track information with relevant on and off track data.

-list things to do at or off track ie restaurants, attractions, landmarks.

-explore "skip the track" options, ie like yoga, coffee shops, movies, hiking

-examine safety issues and stress relief techniques.

-ask YOU!! Let us know what faction of the auto/motorsport world you want to know more about or areas you have information to share.

... and so much more.

Whether a driver or supporter, our goal is to join with you to create an avenue to a community.

i invite you to join our facebook group:

Together we are never alone.

"Those who have a strong sense of belonging have the courage to be imperfect" -Brene Brown

Welcome to our community.


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